CONSTANTS:  Date And Time

Implemented in version 2.0
Date And Time Constants
You may use either the CONSTANT (left column) or the VALUE (center column) in your code and get the same results.
VBSunday 1 Sunday
VBMonday 2 Monday
VBTuesday 3 Tuesday
VBWednesday 4 Wednesday
VBThursday 5 Thursday
VBFriday 6 Friday
VBSaturday 7 Saturday
VBFirstJan1 1 Week of January 1
VBFirstFourDays 2 First week of the year that has at least four days
VBFirstFullWeek 3 First full week of the year
VBUseSystem 0 Use the date format of the computer's regional setting
VBUseSystemDayOfWeek 0 Use the first day of the week defined by system settings