vbscript – AtEndOfStream

Property:  TextStream.AtEndOfStream

Implemented in version 2.0


The AtEndOfStream property returns a Boolean value. If the file pointer is positioned at the end of the file, the value is True. Otherwise, the value is False. The TextStreamobject must be open for reading or an error will occur when using this method.

The following code uses the AtEndOfStream property to get the last character in text file.

dim filesys, text, readfile, contents
set filesys = CreateObject(« Scripting.FileSystemObject »)
Set text = filesys.CreateTextFile(« c:\somefile2.txt »)
text.Write « Find the last character in the text file »
set readfile = filesys.OpenTextFile(« c:\somefile2.txt », 1, false)
do while readfile.AtEndOfStream <> true
contents = readfile.Read(1)
Response.Write « The last character in the text file is ‘ » & contents & « ‘. »

« The last character in the text file is ‘e’. »

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